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Business Education

Business Education Department
Park Rapids BPA Chapter

Meet Your Teachers!

Krystal Murphy
High School Business Education Teacher
BPA Club Advisor

Angie Kuehn
PRAVA Business Education Teacher
Internship & Apprenticeship Coordinator

Welcome to the Business Education Department and the home of the Park Rapids BPA Chapter!
The Business Education Department provides preparation for students pursueing post-secondary education, business ownership, and entry-level business-oriented positions. The Park Rapids BPA Chapter gives students the opportunity to take those skills and put them into action while traveling around the country. Whether students are enrolling in college after graduation for business or accounting, entering the trades or healthcare industry, becoming an entrepreneur, or going right into the workforce, there is something for everyone in Business Education. 

PRAHS Business Ed. Courses Offered as of 2023-2024 School Year:

Class ID# Symbol Class Name Credit Grade
809   Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, and Event Planning 1 9, 10, 11, 12
820   Keyboarding, Word Processing 1 9, 10, 11, 12
831, 832, 833   Accounting: Foundations 3 9, 10, 11, 12
840   Business Law (with Mock Trial) 1 9, 10, 11, 12
842   Entrepreneurship 1 9, 10, 11, 12
845   Small Business Development 1 19, 10, 11, 12
843, 846, 849 ! Business Seminar 3 11, 12
844, 847, 850 ! Business Internship 3 11, 12
855 + Personal Finance and Money Management 1 10, 11, 12
858   Website Design and Web Development 1 9, 10, 11, 12
859   Computer Applications: Productivity Tools 1 9, 10, 11, 12
878   Career Exploration 1 9, 10, 11, 12
893 ! Team Industries Apprenticeship 1 10, 11, 12
866   Finance, Investing, and Real Estate 1 9, 10, 11, 12
825   Business and Operations Management 1 9, 10, 11, 12
823   Marketing, Sales, and Multimedia/Video 1 9, 10, 11, 12
899 *, ! Independent Study in Business (Advanced Study) 1 10, 11, 12
869   Store Operations (Coming 2025-2026 School Year) 1 10, 11, 12

! = Teacher Permission Required
* = Prerequisits Required
+ = Graduation Requirement starting in 2027-2028 School Year 

To view class details and full descriptions, please view our school's Panther Tracks Course Registration Handbook and go to page 47.

New Legislation: Personal Finance and Money Management will now be considered a Graduation Requirement for students graduating in 2027-2028 school year. These students cannot take the class their 9th grade year. However, they can take the class anytime between their 10th-12th grade year. Students only have to take it once and pass it in order to graudate. 

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Have you ever wondered what BPA is all about? 

The Mission of BPA is to develop and empower student leaders to discover their passion and change the world by creating unmatched opportunities in learning, professional growth, and service. The Vision of BPA is to be an innovator in Career and Technical Education, providing our members with opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service, and personal development. 

BPA is a great club for students interested in pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration, health administration, marketing communications, and other related career fields. BPA is also a fun way to try something new, learn a new skill, and compete as an individual or on a team with friends. 

Students in BPA use the Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) and use it to compete in over 90 different contests to choose from in Finance, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Digital Communication and Design, Management, Marketing & Communications, and Health Administration.

Region 6 Leadership Conferences (RLC) are held at the end of January at MState Detroit Lakes and DLHS. 

State Leadership Conferences (SLC) are held in March at the Hyatt Regency and Event Center in Minneapolis, MN.

National Leadership Conferences (NLC) are held in the following locations:
Orlando, FL - May 7-11, 2025
Nashville, TN - May 6-10, 2026
Denver, CO - May 5-9, 2027
Orlando, FL - May 10-14, 2028
Washington, D.C. - May 9-13, 2029

To learn more about BPA Club at Park Rapids, contact the advisor or speak with anyone from our club's officer team:

President: Rachel Weiss
Vice President: Vivian Harju
Secretary: Rosemary Carvao
Treasure: Makayla Johnson
Parliamentarian: Kaitlynn Pickett
Historian: Halo Finley

Want to look at pictures from past contests and trips? Follow us on Facebook @ParkRapidsBPA or on Instagram @park_rapids_bpa

Thank You to our Community!

We are so thankful to our community for buying our Panther Stadium Chairs and for showing your panther pride at games! You can purchase your future stadium chair at the Panther Prowl with Community Ed! It's not to late to sit comfortably on those hard bleachers at the next game!

Thank You to our Supporters!

We are incredibly grateful to the following organizations for supporting the Business Education Department and BPA Club. We are thankful for all they do to assist with the cost of student food, lodging, and transportation to regions, state, and national conventions, student workshops and leadership trainings, and to lower the cost to partipate for our students. These grants and donations allow clubs like BPA give opportunities for students to exceed and to use their skills to perpare them for the real-world.

  • PREAF - Park Rapids Education and Activities Foundation (Every Year)
  • Itasca-Mantrap through Operation Round-Up (Every Year)
  • Rotary Club of Park Rapids (2024)
  • Wolf Lake Ball Club (2023)

Additionally, in 2022, the Hewitt Grant awarded the PRAHS Business Education Department with the funds to purchase 25 Laptops that support Microsoft Office for our students! 

Thank You to our Sponsors!

The BPA Club sells Panther Stadium Chairs every year as our club fundraiser and it is all made possible by our amazing business sponsors! Their sponsorships make an incredible impact on our students and their education experience at PRAHS. Thank you to the following 16 businesses for donating to BPA Club as a sponsor for the 2024-25 school year!

  • American Heroes Outdoors TV
  • Arise Wealth Management
  • Citizens National Bank
  • HVH Certified Public Accountants
  • Jeweler of the North
  • Josh's Collision Center
  • NAPA Auto & Truck Parts
  • Northview Bank
  • Northwoods Bank
  • Park Rapids Ford
  • Paul Bunyan Communications
  • Pleasant Avenue Dentistry
  • Prudential Brian Behrens
  • Thielen Motors
  • TruStar Federal Credit Union
  • Wolff & Simon Real Estate

You can find their logos on the back of the stadium chairs, where everyone can see them! If you want to sponsor, talk to the advisor or a student club officer. We appreciate your support!