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Park Rapids Area High School Physical Education Department

Class Policies for PE9, PE10, Advanced Personal Fitness, Firm & Fit, Recreational Activities & Team Sports

As a student in the above classes, it is your responsibility to follow the Behavior Expectations that are the policies of PRAHS. Specifically you are asked to do the following:  

1) Follow directions the first time they are given.  This means you must be quiet and listen when instructions are given. 

2) Be in the locker room door by the time the second bell rings. Be in the gym, dressed appropriately for activity and ready for roll call at seven minutes after the second bell rings.

3) Stay in the locker room until the bell rings at the end of the period. Leaving before the bell rings will result in a truancy which is a loss of your daily points as well as 4% reduction in your final grade.

4) Leave equipment alone, unless using it for your activity. Handle equipment with care.  Deliberate abuse of equipment may result in paying for replacement.

5) No street shoes in the gym. The gym is not a hallway. No walking thru the gym before and after school or between classes. 

Grading Policy 

Participation: Each class period will include stretching, aerobic work, and strength work. Your participation grade will be determined by how well you work in these areas as well as your participation in the unit activity. When skills are being taught, you will be expected to attempt to do the skill to the best of your ability, and to use these skills when participating in that activity.

PE9: Grades are based on a unit grade, which includes attendance and participation (60%), test scores (15%), written work (10%), and final exam (15%).

PE10: Grades are based on participation and attendance (60%), written work (10%), test scores (15%), and final exam (15%).

Firm and Fit: Grades are based on participation and attendance (70%), written assignments (15%), and final exam (15%).

 Advanced Personal Fitness: Grades are based on participation and attendance (65%), journal/written assignments (20%), and final exam (15%).

Team Sports/Rec. Activities: Grades are based on participation and attendance (70%), test scores (15%), and final exam (15%) 


You can earn five points daily by participating to the best of your ability in each of the day's activities.  If you choose to do any of the following, points will be deducted from you participation grade.

Tardy: 1 point is deducted if you are late without a pass from another instructor.  3 tardies= one absence.

 Rude or disruptive behavior: 1-5 points will be deducted depending on the severity of the behavior.  This includes inappropriate language.

Leaving class: 5 points will be deducted for leaving class without permission before the bell rings at the end of the period. You will also be charged with truancy (4% reduction in grade).

Dress to participate: Appropriate clothing includes a t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts, sweat pants or wind pants (no denim).  Clothing must not limit your ability to move freely in activities.   Clothing must also cover your body appropriately.  Shoes need to be athletic.  No street shoes. All shoes must be laced tightly and tied securely. 

Clothing may not convey messages condoning alcohol, tobacco, or drugs and may not convey messages that may be considered offensive to classmates or instructors.  Facial piercings must be removed due to injury potential.

Failure to dress for participation will result in a 5 point deduction.  After three no dress days, you letter grade will drop 4%.  Seven no dress days in itself may result in a failing grade.

Absences:  Your first three absences from class may be made up by completing work as directed by your instructor.  Make up work must be completed within one week of your absence. Suspensions, no dresses, cuts, and unexcused absences can't be made up. After seven absences you may be subject to the districts attendance review policy.  Students missing more than 12 days in a trimester may be failed from class. 

*Extra-curricular activities are excused and will not count against you.  However, you are responsible for making up any classroom work missed while absent for extra- curricular.

Medical:   If you are to be excused from participating from activities for more than two days for medical reasons, you must have a note from your doctor.  For any limitations in classroom activities, a doctor's note must also be on record.  Any condition resulting in the inability to participate for more than 7 class periods due to a medical condition will be subject to our attendance review policy and may result in a withdrawal from class.

Cell Phones are not allowed in the locker room!

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