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Language Arts

Language Arts

Language Arts Instructors:

Morgan Miller:  218-237-6496
   *English 9
Kerry Johnson:  218-237-6495
Tonya Miller:  218-237-6494
Hutchins, Jacob: 218-237-6492 


Students at Park Rapids Area High School have a variety of opportunities to increase their skills in literature and language during their four years of required English courses. Students in our language arts classes develop strong critical thinking skills by learning how to interpret and analyze a variety of texts, and they also gain effective writing skills and techniques for engaging and persuading readers.

The Language Arts Department, realizing that education is a continuing process, has as its overall purpose the development of students’ abilities to create a positive image of themselves so that they may become constructive members of society. Graduating students should know how to read intelligently and critically, for both knowledge and enjoyment. They should be able to write coherently in daily life. Students should be able to express themselves verbally so that they are clearly understood by others and should be able to objectively comprehend and evaluate verbal communication of others.