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For All 8th-12th Grade PRAS Students




YouScience at Park Rapids Area Schools:
Welcome to YouScience - an all-new tool to discover your future career, all by using your mind's aptitudes! Through YouScience, your students will uncover knowledge of their minds' aptitudes, industry-recognized certifications using Precision Exams, unlock their superpowers (radioactive spider not included), a whole new world of education options and best-fit in-demand careers to better succeed in school and life. YouScience is tailored to the unique needs of each grade level (8-12) to help students learn about themselves, build an education plan, and prepare for options after high school. Each student will receive a hyper-personalized portfolio at the end of their assessment, including possible career and educational pathways, as well as the resources they will need to get there.

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Changing the College Decision-Making Process

In the past you often saw the college decision-making process go like this: pick out a school, figure out a major, look for a job that will hopefully relate to your major. Seems backwards, doesn't it? Panther Tracks wants to flip the script. 

The Panther Tracks process is simple, find your career field, figure out your top 3 occupations, and build a plan to get there. Utilizing the Career Wheel, we want students to explore careers the 6 different career fields to figuring out what they like and don't like. Combining that with Navigator, we want students to learn about themselves, find out their top interests, skills, and work values. In the end, our students can set up a clear plan to get to the career they want. 

Industry Recognized Professional Certificates

Panther Tracks has opportunities for students to earn industry recognized professional certificates, while in high school, that are in high demand.

Current Credentials offered at Park Rapids Area High School:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Minnesota Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)
  • NIMS Certification (CNC Machining)
  • Child Development Associates (CDA)


Industry Recognized Certificates


These courses are typically offered to seniors, juniors, and sophomores if space is available. Students should talk to their academic advisor and construct a 4 year academic plan to see if these classes can be placed into their schedule. At Park Rapids Area High School, students can not only earn a high school diploma, but they can also earn an industry recognized professional certificates upon graduation for free!

CareerSafe Safety Education

College in High School

Students can complete an AA Degree right at Park Rapids Area High School for Free! Juniors must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA and seniors must have a 2.8 cumulative GPA to enroll in a college course. There may also be testing requirements that must be met. A student must earn a C or better in the college course to receive credit. 


College & Career Ready


View the Class Registration Handbook for a complete list of College Classes offered at Park Rapids Area High School. To learn more about College in High School, please visit the Academic Advisor's Page and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.