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Career Field Exploration

Exploring the 6 Career Fields

When you are 9th & 10th grader, you have the opportunity to explore all 6 different career fields. Most elective classes are 1 credit each, and with 3 trimesters in a year, you could explore all of the 6 intro classes before 11th grade! So, by the time you are in 11th & 12th grade, you already have a better idea about what you like and don't like, what classes you want more of and what classes you could do without. It all starts here. Check out the table below to see what Intro. to Panther Tracks classes are available to you and are recommended to take to explore each of the 6 Career Fields. 

Career Field Exploration Classes

Career Exploration Opportunities

  • Take a CareerSafe Online Course such as an OSHA 10-Hour or Employability Skills.
  • Try Job Shadowing multiple career and multiple times
  • Attend Field Trips/Site Visits or community organization meetings
  • Listen to a Career Speaker in person or virtually
  • Sign up for a class with a Guest Instructor and possibly earn a certificate
  • Apply for Internships/Apprenticeships
  • Apply for Paid Employment or sign up for the business internship program
  • Try Job/Work Sampling unpaid
  • Partner with a Career Mentor to set future goals and learn from them
  • Work on a Business Sponsored Project when available
  • Attend local Career, College, or Trade Fairs

To sign up for any of the above opportunities, visit with the 4C!

Track Advisors

Panthers First Student Mentors