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Special Education

Special Education works to serve diverse learning styles addressing, but not limited to, OHD, ADD, ADHD, SLD, DCD and ASD. Park Rapids Area Schools belong to PAWN Special Education. For more information, please visit the PAWN area on our website.

H.E.L.P. (Headwaters Alternative Learning Program) is a year-round independent study program sponsored by the Park Rapids Area Schools serving learners from 16 to 21 years of age. Instruction is individualized and credits are awarded on a performance or independent study basis. Students who complete their credits through H.E.L.P. receive the needed high school credits that will allow them to graduate with their class or to graduate from Park Rapids at a later date.

H.E.L.P. uses a unit system of completing work which combines seat time and written/project work. The course work can be completed during one trimester or stretched over a longer period of time.

Eligible students under age 21 are those who meet any of the following criteria:

  1. are performing substantially below grade level;
  2. at least one year behind in credits for graduation;
  3. are pregnant or parents;
  4. have experienced physical or sexual abuse;
  5. are chemically dependent;
  6. have mental health problems;
  7. have been homeless recently;
  8. have withdrawn from school or been chronically truant (usually age 16); or, speak English as a second language or have limited English proficiency.

Contact the high school office for more information or to register for H.E.L.P.

Click here for PAWN Special Education.

All forms and other information related to special education are located on the PAWN Special Education website. Thank you.

High School Special Education staff:

Matt Brandt - 218-237-6409
Patrick Deegan - 218-237-6476
Kevin Cederstrom - 218-237-6450
Greg Kuehn - 218-237-6454
Aaron Morris - 218-237-6477
Allie Steffen, SLP - 218-237-6551
Makayla Magnuson -