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World Language: Spanish

Many factors emphasize the value of studying modern language:

  • the demand of present day living;
  • the need for multilingual personnel in government and business;
  • the growing number of travelers who wish to communicate with ease in the foreign language and understand a foreign people and culture;
  • the ever-changing college requirements.

More and more colleges are requiring modern language study—either at the high school or college level.

First and foremost, students of foreign language learn how to speak the language. The other modern language skills of listening, reading and writing are also developed.

Three credits are earned upon the successful completion of each year of study.

A second language is useful to students who:

  • wish to learn about people, countries and cultures;
  • are preparing for a specific occupation requiring use of a foreign language, such as business, travel, social, medical fields, law enforcement;
  • are considering traveling outside the United States;
  • are currently planning on going to college.